Small Groups

1 Thessalonians 2:8a
We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives,

We are all people who need to belong. We can belong to an office team, an after work meet up, fraternity, sorority, a  civic club, World of Warcraft online gaming clan, or a group on Facebook. But what if our belonging could actually transform us and others with the power of the gospel instead of just fueling our social urges? What if who we connected to and how we gave ourselves away could actually magnify the grace of God in us and others? 

At Parkwood we believe, that who we surround ourselves with will determine the direction and quality of our lives. If you have chosen to become a Christian then you are a part of the Church, the bride and body of Christ. When you decide to belong to Jesus you also join the family of God. 


This decision to actively belong to a church has the potential to transform us for the better. This connection gives each of us an opportunity to share our lives with one another. 

Each week you have the opportunity to join hundreds of others who have decided to belong. They make the decision to care about some one else and to be cared for. They come together to laugh, cry, and encourage one another to become a disciple of Jesus. If you would like to try one of these groups stop by the welcome center at Parkwood on Sunday morning. Groups for children and adults start at 9:30 with continental breakfast prior in the Fellowship Hall. You can also get more information about groups by contacting the church office 904-725-2500, sending us an email or a message on Facebook


Adults & Children

11:15am on Sunday Mornings following Worship.


High School & Middle School Students

5:00pm on Sunday Nights, free dinner provided.