Our Desire

To love people to Christ as we go!

Our Hope

To be a vibrant multigenerational, multicultural family of committed Christians who celebrate the wonder of God in worship and impact others with the love of Christ so that they join in that worship.

Our Process

We are a family of committed Christians who love people to Christ, because we behold the glory of God, believe the Bible and Jesus' commandments, belong to one another in community, become like Jesus through our service to one another and behave like Christ as we go into the world with the hope of salvation.


The point of our christianity is not our own salvation but our impact on others and this world. If we were to sum up christianity in the most basic concepts 3 areas of Jesus’ teaching would be at the forefront. Each of these teachings is effectually based on whom we behold, what we believe, how we belong, why we become and when we behave. Our engagement and activity in the world in light of what Jesus said in these 3 areas; the Great Commission, the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule impact our daily lives as Christians and fuel the gospel call on our lives.
— Pastor Manny, from Transformation Sermon Series