What to Expect

Our desire at Parkwood is to be a family of committed Christians who love people to Christ as we go! Every Sunday we gather to worship God and encourage one another. If you are considering to be our guest on a Sunday there a couple of things you can expect. 

Just like the family of Parkwood our dress code is just as diverse; people come casual or dressed in their best. When you arrive, a multigenerational team of people will greet you at the door with a friendly smile and information about our campus and events. The host team can answer your questions, give you directions and introduce you to others.

We are Family

We are a family church. We know that each one is diverse in age, background and makeup. At Parkwood you will find safe and accepting environments for children and adults. At 9:30 am every Sunday you will find Small Groups designed to meet the needs of attenders that are characterized by multi-generations, couples, or age and life stage specific. 

If you have children you may take advantage of our children’s programs. Our volunteers have created environments to help children worship God from infancy to 5th grade during the Small Group and Worship service hours. Middle and High School students serve alongside adults every Sunday morning in various roles and participate in Small Groups on Sunday night. You can learn more about our children and youth environments here

How we Worship

Just like any family we all have our own likes and dislikes, but preference doesn't make a family. At Parkwood we gather with the desire to worship Jesus and influence others to join in that worship.  We have developed an experience that connects with multiple generations and cultures. At each service you will hear and participate in music that is scripturally based and culturally relevant. Whether it be a hymn that links us to a vintage faith or a newly inspired song; our worship leaders and volunteers craft each service to connect the hearts of those present to the gospel of Jesus.

Our style varies because it is derived from our volunteers. God continually blesses us with talent and we encourage those talented in the musical and visual arts to use their gifts to glorify God and encourage us on Sunday. The worship service is typically an hour long and child care is provided the entire time. If you have questions one of our hosts will be glad to guide you. 

Why the Word

As a guest on Sunday you will realize right away that the Word of God holds a special place in our worship experience. Our Pastor and communicators present a Bible based message that will entertain you and challenge you to take an active step of faith. We also make the Bible the central teaching tool in each of our Small Group lessons. 

We know that humanly we may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we are confident with the help of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of God’s word that you will find the answers you are looking for every Sunday. 

Be our Guest

Parkwood Baptist Church
7900 Lone Star Road
Jacksonville, FL, 32211

10am Worship Experience
11:15am Small Group Bible Study for All Ages